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Shut everything down before the professor's experiments send the whole building to the sky!

              The Industrial Revolution is alive and well - with fresh ideas and inventions everywhere! In a world where fashion is everything, and nothing is as it seems, anyone can invent anything! Though... not everyone should...

              Professor Albertus Finneus has always been an odd duck. He's a scientist of the first caliber - but a bit of a mad one at that. Up 'til now his experimentations have been, for the most part, harmless - if not a bit misguided at times. These days, however, he seems to have become almost maniacal in his pursuit of the ultimate discovery. And now he's gone and left one of his experiments running while he's off exhibiting at the State Fair! The neighbors have started to complain about the odd noises coming from his apartment. They're getting louder, and nobody knows what might happen!

              As City Safety Inspectors, it's up to you and your crew to navigate through the Professor's lab, find a way to shut things down - before the whole place is leveled!

              In this epic adventure, we convert your space for the ultimate on-site experience. Small spaces or large halls, single room or multiple, we bring the mystery to you! Great for your next birthday party or office team-building event. Contact us today to find out how!


Fix the Round Table and be the hero of the realm!

              In a land of princes and damsels, castles and dragons, war has come to the kingdom, and King Arthur has called for his knights to assemble. As his personal attendants, it is your job to lay preparations for the meeting. There's a problem, though... somehow the round-table has been damaged. It would appear Merlin was developing some of his more volatile spells in the room, and he's reduced the famous table to a fraction of its normal size. How can the knights meet without the Round Table?!

              The King has decreed that those who solve the problem and restore the table in  time for the assembly shall be decreed a true champion and will have earned a seat at that table. Gather your wits and resources as you and your fellow attendants unravel the mysteries and unlock the puzzle for the Knights of the Round Table. Claim your prize and join in the fight to rid the kingdom of evil and save the da

              This portable room can be assembled in your space - large or small. Call today to get the unique experience  for your next event!


Countless riches await the brave souls that can help find the treasure in time!

               Me name's Mortimer, and I need yer help! Fer the past 15 years me job as first mate aboard the Mystic Mermaid 'as been a treasure seeker's dream. But I know Cap'n Lack-Beard 'as been tuckin' away more than 'is fare share from the last few plunders. I kin feel it in me gut! Come along and help me find his hidin' spot, an' I'll split the booty with ye fair an' square. Quickly now - afore 'e returns an' throws us all in the brig!

               Immerse yourself in a world of Pirates, treasures and mayhem on the high-seas when you step aboard The Rapscallion, the world’s only Mobile Pirate Ship Escape Experience. We bring the fun to you! Inject mystery and adventure into your next party, festival or corporate retreat. Contact us today to learn more.

NOTE: This amazing ship/trailer is also available for private (non-escape) bookings for those adventurers who just want to be pirates for a while. We can provide a projector and her sails make for a great movie screen.


Not Sure What To Choose?

We are The Escape Room That Comes to You! But what type of adventure would you like? We suggest that you first consider whether you want your experience indoors, like an office, family room, or convention. This option limits you to our “portable” scenarios. If you don’t have any indoor space available, but don’t mind us parking outside or nearby, then you should go with our Mobile Escape Room. If you are not limited as far as space then you can choose from any available room. Heck, why not have us set up TWO!

Because of the unique nature around the scheduling of portable escape rooms, we do not have a specific “Book Now”  or shopping cart. We prefer that you call or email us to discuss dates and times. Thank you for choosing Time Bandit Escape!