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Why Escape Rooms?

    In late 2015 we wanted a new, different kind of adventure. We settled on trying out this fairly new concept in Arizona called escape rooms. We didn’t know what to expect but were excited for the unknown. That first night we escaped in time and were immediately hooked!

     We began visiting as many escape rooms as we could! We fell in love with the concept but also began noticing many shortfalls, and our desire to make better adventures was brewing. We started building props for other companies and even looked into opening a franchise. We ultimately decided to create our own brand and Time Bandit Escape was born!


- The Escape Room That Comes to You!

- Scalable to Allow Larger or Smaller Groups.

- Adjustable Durations From 15 to 120 Minutes.

- Clues Can Be Customized to YOUR Dates or Names.

- Ability to Travel and Work Multi-Day Events.

- Extremely Friendly Staff Who Wants You to Succeed.

What will be the KEY to your success?