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Here is a preview of some of the fun!

Arizona’s BEST

mobile and portable escape rooms!

We specialize in mobile escape rooms in Arizona.

Do you love escape and adventure games?  Do you want to have an “Escape Room” party but can’t get everyone to agree on a time or place? Is the escape room you like too small to host your entire group? Are you tired of the same old office team-building events? WE CAN HELP! Time Bandit Escape is the ONLY mobile escape room in Arizona.

Time Bandit Escape was created to fill the voids in the current escape room and adventure game industry. You no longer have to figure out all of the logistics of how to get your group to the place you want. We come to you!

Want to offer a unique experience at your next trade-show or convention?  Our portable themes are extremely flexible. They can be altered to offer shorter or longer experiences and to accommodate smaller or larger groups.

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Available themes and rooms.

We currently have portable rooms with  Steampunk and Medieval Castle themed rooms making appearances around Arizona. We are working hard on  more portable rooms PLUS a fantastic pirate themed mobile trailer!

Posters, Descriptions and even previews will be added very soon. Stay tuned for more updates.

Please contact us to schedule your event or to ask for more details.

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We actually split this into two different categories. “Portable” rooms and “Mobile” rooms. In both cases we bring the entertainment to you, but there are definite differences in the exact delivery.

Portable escape rooms are where we bring our adventure and set it up in your space. We can create an experience in a living room, office, garage, conference room or even a convention center! Your experience will vary depending on the available space and specific requirements. We can bring just the basics and set up in a small area (Like a furnished living room) or we can bring walls and everything to create a complete, freestanding experience. We currently have two portable themes available for booking. More are being developed.

Mobile escape rooms are road-worthy mobile units. They are air-conditioned trailers or busses that have been converted into themed escape or adventure games. They are fully enclosed and completely immersive. They  require a designated parking area and your adventure begins when you step on board. Our first mobile unit is under construction and is scheduled to be ready for bookings in October, 2017. We will be building more as soon as the first one launches.

Whatever your needs are, know that we can deliver a quality escape adventure to help you create long-lasting memories!
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